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A High School Student's Perspective On An AI-Powered Future


To share and spread our ideas and promote AI literacy in youth across Canada, Claire hopes that together, youth and adults, we can all do more to solve the issue of AI literacy education for our youth! We need to open AI fundamental courses in public high schools, develop a widely accepted online AI learning platform specifically for high school students, and provide more AI hands-on learning opportunities. 

AI4Youth Canada did an on-site survey among 47 high school and university students. Here are the AI Literacy Survey Results: 



Would like to open AI fundamentals course in public high school.


Would hope AI fundamentals courses are open in high school as soon as possible


Would like to be able to access an online AI learning platform specifically deisgned and tailored for high school students to learn AI systematically


AI4YOUTH CANADA advocates for the integration of AI fundamental courses into provincial education curriculums for high schools students across Canada.

Here was our message for Honourable David Eggen, the Minister of Education, on August 3, 2018:


On behalf of the Provincial Government of Alberta, the Honourable Minister of Education David Eggen replied to AI4YOUTH CANADA, he commended our advocacy and will take our comments into considerations.
AI4YOUTH CANADA will continue to make efforts to integrate AI fundamental courses into provincial education curriculums for high school students across Canada. We encourage all Canadian youth to speak up and action.The following advocacy letter examples may be used as a starting point for your regional advocacy efforts.

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