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Highlights from The AI4Youth Canada AI National Conference 2018

Calgary, Alberta 2018 by AI4YOUTH Canada

Conference Documents

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Our Goal
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Interview of Founders
AI4YouthCanada Conference 2018 panarama_
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On October 14, 2018, AI4YOUTH Canada held its first AI Conference at the University of Calgary, attracting over 350 total participants. This historic event marked the first national AI conference tailored specifically to high school students. 

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AI4Youth Canada on CBC News -Teens kick off artificial intelligence conference in Calgary 

AI4Youth Canada on CTV News

The youth of today will undoubtedly be the leaders of tomorrow. That's why we want to connect these youth to the "technology of tomorrow." Our conference aims to raise awareness about AI opportunities, provide first-hand learning experiences, and connect high school students to universities, industry leaders, educational organizations, and cities. Through our conference, we hope to make the future more prosperous for all. 

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Interview of Founders

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Professor. Patrick S.P. Wang, Ph.D., Fellow, IAPR, ISIBM,
WASE, IETI Distinguished Fellow Professor of Computer and
Information Science Northeastern University, Visiting Faculty,
MIT and Harvard

Topic: History, Present and Future of AI

Patrick S.P Wang


Anna Koop is Director of Machine Learning at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). She has a passion for both the science of computational intelligence and the art of human education. She completed her Masters under Dr. Richard Sutton at the University of Alberta and continues to research how artificial systems can adapt to changing environments.

Topic: Humanity in AI: What is Today's Urgent Ethical Issues?

Anna Koop

Qiao Wei has over 14 years of R&D experience in computer vision, machine learning and enterprise software development.  He currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, a medical software company that provides leading post processing solutions to 1000+ hospital in 40 countries.  Qiao holds a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Calgary.

Qiao Wei

Managing Director & Co-Founder Autonomous Electric Motorsport (AEM) 2018-2019

Max is a recent graduate from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. While pursuing his degree in commerce he helped to start an organization that pursued the interests of developing an autonomous vehicle for eventual competition and racing initiatives. Max lead the AEM team to present an early working prototype at the 2018 Calgary Beakerhead Science festival. After the festival Max and Danielle presented the work and latest updates at the inaugural AI4Youth conference to help inspire youth to explore their interests in the realm of artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous vehicles.

Maximillian Hum
Qiao Wei

Danielle is currently a second year English and Education student at the University of Calgary. She first entered the world of robotics and AI through her high school robotics teams (FRC 4719, VEX 3388X) where she gained an appreciation for the complexity and applicability of technology.  She joined Autonomous Electric Motorsport (AEM) in order to further her passion through working to develop a simulation for testing AI driving software. While AEM is an organization geared towards university students, Danielle is grateful for the opportunity to work with AI4Youth to bring AI to more young minds. 

Danielle Wong
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Self-Driving Auto Racing Cars R&D, by Danielle Wong & Max Hum

Autonomous Electric Motorsport (AEM) Group, UofC

Our Story of Python Learning and HACCTECH, by Jerald Yuan and Edward Zou

Student representatives from Western Canada High School

Special thanks to Lisa Davis, CBE Trustee, and Prasad Panda, MLA, for their speeches to inspire young minds and raise more AI awareness.

AI Application in Cardiovascular Imaging, by Wei Qiao

CTO at Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc.

Opening Remarks, by Dr. John Chen

Ph. D. Professor, NSERC/Energi Simulation Chair and Alberta Innovates (iCORE) Chair, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering


The History, Present, and Future of AI, by Prof. Patrick S.P. Wang

Humanity in AI: What Are Today’s Urgent Ethical Issues? by Anna Koop

Extreme Data Science - The Secret Source to Win a Kaggle Competition, by Chris Chen

VP of Research at Alberta AI

Conference 2018

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