AI4YOUTH Internship Program

Starting this September AI4YOUTH CANADA is offering an exciting opportunity for students with a passion for artificial intelligence and mathematics. We partnered with the University of Calgary's Energi Simulator (Frank and Sarah Meyer Collaboration Centre) to create this highly-selective, four-month internship program. It is Canada's first AI internship program for high school students in a university research lab. This unique experience guides students in a collaborative and advanced environment, focusing on the integration of AR, VR, machine learning, and big data technologies to address modern challenges. 

Hands on experience - idea of a Machine Learning workshop

There is no better way to learn AI than just do it. AI4Youth Canada students will join industry experts for an online workshop where they learn Machine Learning by using it THEMSELVES!


Registration Deadline:

September 10


Workshop Day:

September 20


Who is Eligible:

Any young student affiliated to AI4Youth Canada interested in learning how to build and deploy AI


Spots are limited!

Python Learning Workshop

Thank you! Because of your support for our Bottle Drive for Learning campaign, we were able to raise $910 to run FREE Python classes and upcoming events, and give youth startup opportunities to learn and explore AI together.

Python Learning Bottle Drive

In Sept 2018, AI4Youth Canada organized a successful Bottle Drive for Learning. Students were able to firstly learn Python programming as a step forward to explore AI world and secondly be able to learn with their own efforts and support from our community, instead of asking parents to pay for the training cost. We fundraised $910 and offered students 5 free Python learning workshops, students made new friends through networking. 


Thank you to all parents driving us around communities, thanks all volunteers helping on organization, advertising, truck booking, routes arrangement, pizza, T shirts, gloves, etc.


A big thanks to our supportive communities at Briar Hill and Hillhurst!

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